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Tips for Passing A DOT Physical

Passing A DOT Physical and getting a CDL license can give you a professional career as a commercial driver in Las Vegas. It can give you the opportunity to do the kind of job that you enjoy and find meaningful. It is an opportunity to do something new and different every day and travel to new places. Getting your commercial driver’s license (CDL) can be a challenge. It involves a DOT physical examination and there are a few things you should know in order to pass it. 

What is the DOT Physical Exam? 

The Department of Transportation (DOT) in Las Vegas requires you to pass your physical examination before getting your CDL driving license. This means you will have to pass an authorized physical exam before you can use your license. This examination checks and ensures your physical and mental health condition qualifies you to safely operate a commercial vehicle. 

The examination involves a series of tests and questions related to your current or past medical issues. The medical examiner will also want to hear about anything that concerns you. Tests will be conducted related to the following: 

  • Vision & hearing acuity 
  • Pulse rate 
  • Blood pressure 
  • Urinalysis involving protein, blood, glucose, and illegal drugs 
  • Physical examination 

Once the examination is complete, an assessment of the test is provided and the findings are documented for your health history. 

When Can You Fail the DOT Physical? 

There are certain physical limitations that may affect your chances of passing the DOT physical exam. This includes: 

  • Seizures 
  • A history of alcohol or drugs abuse 
  • Undergoing treatment 

Anyone that operates a commercial motor vehicle requires a DOT medical card. Besides, you will also need it if you want to drive a vehicle with over 10,000 lbs. of gross weight or more than 8 passengers. You will also need it if you haul hazardous materials. At Truck U, we have some valuable tips to help you increase your chances of passing a DOT physical while you attend your free CDL training in Vegas: 

1. Improve Your Health 

You should start preparing for your DOT physical a few weeks before the examination. The goal should be to improve your health. It is recommended to follow these tips: 

  • Eat Healthy: Stock your fridge with all sorts of healthy foods and remove anything that contains high amounts of calories, sodium, and sugar. 
  • Switch to Smaller Meals: Start taking 3 to 4 smaller meals per day instead of a single or a couple of large ones. 
  • Become Physically Active: Take walks outside and stretch your body. During the exam, the DOT examiner will check whether you are physically and mentally active or not. 
  • Take Enough Sleep: Get enough sleep every night. 
  • Monitor Your Blood Pressure: Monitor your blood pressure multiple times before taking your exam. 

2. Be Proper with Your Medications 

If you take any medications, make sure to follow the proper schedule. If you run out of your medicines right before getting your physical, it is recommended to get them and not break the schedule. When you take medications at different times or stop your medications, it is going to affect the test results during your CDL training. 

3. Avoid All Unhealthy Habits 

While it is generally recommended to avoid certain habits a day before the DOT physical, we suggest that you avoid them a few weeks before the test. This can help prevent raising your blood sugar and blood pressure levels. This includes habits such as: 

  • Smoking 
  • Not getting enough sleep 
  • Consuming sugary drinks and foods 
  • Drinking lots of caffeine 

4. Carry All the Necessary Documents & Paperwork 

You should carry all the essential documentation on the day of your DOT physical exam. This includes: 

  • List of health conditions you may have and information on the doctors treating them. 
  • Medical records related to such as continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine and compliance data if you suffer from sleep apnea. 
  • If you have completed any action items marked by your previous DOT medical examiner if you received a DOT physical exam in the past. 

What Happens After You Pass Your Exam? 

After passing a DOT physical, your doctor will provide you with a copy of the results. They will also submit your information to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. It will also qualify you to receive your DOT medical card. This card contains a lot of information and shouldn’t be folded to keep in your wallet. You should provide a copy to your employer and carry it at all times, ensuring it is properly preserved and protected. 

While not passing your DOT physical will only prevent you from becoming a driver in the short term, you can always try again. It can also be a helpful experience in detecting health issues you may not have come to know otherwise. At Truck U, we provide professional CDL training and can provide you with valuable insights to help pass your DOT examination. Get in touch with us at 702.533.3565 for more information or write to us

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